21 years of age. Lives in Canada. Queer. European. University. Starbucks addict & food lover!
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Anonymous asked:
Okay last question, are you fully over your ex? I would love to take you out on a date but it's happened to me before that someone isn't over their ex and I get hurt.

Not saying this as a yes, because before I agree too a date I would have to obviously know who this is. I can firmly say yes. Fully over them as a person, and well obviously the romantic feelings are quite literally non-existent :)

Anonymous asked:
Okay two questions. Are you single And are you in the dating scene?

Yep I am single! and I guess I am in the dating scene not actively haha if that makes sense some of the best things happen unexpectedly so I am not actively looking but if a kick ass person came into my life that would cool. Lets say I know what I want now! and it would take a pretty awesome person to change my relationship status to taken.. thats fair?

Anonymous asked:
How you have cleen vugeena?

plant & spoon baby ;)