21 years of age. Lives in Canada. Queer. European. University. Starbucks addict & food lover!
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Anonymous asked:
I wish i could have a chance with you!

Why would someone fe like they don’t have a chance with me?! I am just an average person in all ways lol don’t feel like that!! :)

Anonymous asked:
It came on at the gym and made me think of you in that moment. And for the record if I was going to leave I would have by now, just food for thought.

I’m glad those lyrics made me think of you whoever you are. And for thw record not romantically. I have a great friend system that been here for me, but food for thought..everyone has left that has “loved” or that i genuinely did thats why I am forever alone, seriously. Food for thought, you most likely did if you arnt an active member of my life..

Anonymous asked:
I'll be all you need and more, I'll be here forever

No one means forever. Lol I like the song on this rainy day though.

Same song playing in the car as when I first saw you hold her hand. Something weird is happening. I know people will say, or rather you said that my life has been “so hard” and chuckled as I said that that was the hardest day of my life. That was the hardest day of my life, second to her telling me that you had been in a relationship with her for a while. Guys I was someone’s nothing unknowingly. I dont know if she betrayed me or her or if it even matters. Today I saw “her” and anger rushed through me. And then pity. This girl lived with the girl I invested my everything in. Did she play me the entire time? I have moved my life far far away. I can walk through areas of town I couldnt. Part of me is wondering if “she” was on her way to see the girl who shattered my heart. What was the point of all of this? She couldnt have loved me no matter how badly I wish she did.

Part of my wants to cry and a big part of me feels triggered..

I need words of wisdom/advice/happy positive thoughts. Walking away was the right choice, righy? I had no other choice after all. She walked away first and put all her efforts into living with someone.

Im happier with my held up high than down beside someone who couldn’t have respected me if they did that.. god I hope I am on the right path. While I was crying you were commenting how beautiful she was to you all over facebook. I never did quite feel “beautiful” enough.


it is crucial to believe and respect girls when they say a guy is giving them bad vibes even if they don’t give you a reason why